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Coronavirus – latest news!

Last update: 7th of June 2022


Current information on the containment measures in Austria


Requirements for entering and staying in Austria from May, 16th 2022 onwards

We’ve got good news for you! From May, 16th onwards the 3G rule doesn’t apply anylonger when entering the country. Travellers from all over the world can travel to Austria without any special restrictions (vaccination, recovery or negative test) and without obligation to quarantine.

The return travel regulations from Austria to the countries of origin must still be observed!



Currently there are no restrictions for the use of the mentioned facilities, no entry requirements (“green passport”) nor mask obligation.

The only places where the use of masks is still mandatory are all means of public transport and health care institutions:

Mandatory use of FFP2 masks

  • In all means of public transport and its buildings (train stations, airports etc.)
  • In all medical practices
  • In all hospitals and treatment centres
  • In all pharmacies



In case of feeling unwell during your stay in Austria, please, do not leave your hotel room and get in contact with the hotel reception and the health advice hotline calling 1450. Especially trained health care workers will advise you what to do. People infected with Covid-19 are obliged to quarantine for 10 days. During this time they are not allowed to leave their accommodation or to receive visitors. The quarantine can be terminated earliest after 5 days if the sick person presents a PCR test (with negative result or CT above 30) or ends automatically after 10 days. In both cases being free from any covid symptoms for at least 48 hours is a precondition.
We recommend to take out a travel insurance that covers possible extra costs (quarantine, change of return flight etc.) in case of a coronavirus infection.

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