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General Conditions



MUNDIVISION Reisebüro Gmbh
acts as functional intermediary between the transport companies, hotels, or other providers of touristic services and the clients, thus cannot be hold responsible for delays, accidents, physical impairment or other incidents. The accountability is therefore limited to the per person rate of the service offered by Mundivision.

All passengers are compelled to have all their documentation (passport, visas, …) in order, as any problems, inconvenience or additional charges that could emerge, due to non-fulfilment, are of their full responsibility.

Full pre-payment, until two weeks prior to arrival, according to hotel booking conditions. Payments can be made either by bank transfer or VISA / MASTER credit cards (please, ask for handling details). Non-compliance with this important condition, allows the agency to deny the passengers reception, or as last courtesy, reception for a non prolongable amount of time. Delayed payments will be charged with the actual banking interest rate. Austrian law applies.

There are no fees for individual travellers up to 7 days prior to arrival. For groups normally no fees up to five weeks prior to arrival. In case of cancellations after the mentioned deadlines full charge for all costs caused by the cancellation of the services. Please, take note that special conditions may apply in periods of congresses, fairs or other major events!

Our programs do not include any travel insurance. We recommend to request one in your home country prior to your travel. Your travel agency will provide you with the respective information.

Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.